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Annual P5 Camp 2015
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Our History, Our Heritage

In the early fifties, the need for a school to provide education for the population of children .....(more)









Dear interested parents,


Registration of Parent Volunteer for children born in 02 Jan 2011 to 01 Jan 2012


The school is currently reviewing the process of registration. Please kindly note updates after 13 April 2015. Thank you for your understanding.


Dear Parents and Pupils,


Please note the following locations for dismissal:


Dismissal Points

P1 to P3 - Gate 2

P4 to P6 - Gate 1 or Gate 6



Pupils who are picking up their siblings from the Siblings Zone, please leave through the gate designated for the OLDER sibling. 


E.g. P4 sibling  picking P1 sibling - Leave via Gate 1 or 6


Dear Parents, please kindly inform your child where to meet you in advance (if you are picking your child up), especially for pupils leaving through Gate 1 or Gate 6. This will help your children to inform their teachers of where they are heading before they are dismissed.


Assembly Venues



P1 to P3 - Indoor Sports Hall

P4 to P6 - Multipurpose Hall



ALL levels - Parade Square

Inclement weather for All Days

P1 to P3 - Indoor Sports Hall

P4 to P6 - Multipurpose Hall



Updates to Traffic Situation Around School

Useful Information for Parents


Dear Parents,


HDB has recently installed electronic gantries at all the carparks around the school. We foresee that there will be a greater congestion during reporting and dismissal timings. 


To avoid the congestion, we advise pupils to come earlier (before 7.15am) and parents to alight your child at Gate 1 before the pedestrian pass in the morning.  


We also encourage parents to park your vehicles in a carpark as the service road has now been narrowed to prevent cars from waiting along it.


If your home is within walking distance from the school, do consider walking your child to school instead of driving.


The school is working actively with LTA and the relevant authorities to address possible safety concerns should we decide to open the vehicle access gate in the morning.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and look forward to seeing your children back in the school for another year of learning in 2015.


Dear Parents,


We understand that some parents are still keen to purchase the 2014 60th Anniversary Yearbook. If you wish to do so, please place an order through your child and submit $20 (cash only) to your child's 2015 form teacher.

Thank you. 

Dear Parents,

Parents may purchase books and materials at the school bookshop from 3pm-5pm daily. There will be no entry into the school compound during recess and dismissal before 3p.m.. To ensure safety and security of the pupils.... more



Celebrating Excellence

in Teaching and Learning


MTS featured in NIE Publication - Sing Teach

Our teachers embarked on research to adopt the STARtUP tool, which stands for "START Understanding and Planning" to remind pupils not to rush into solving a problem without going through the steps of understanding and planning...more





Useful Information for Parents 

Key School Notifications

P's Message 2015


Latest School Newsletter (MUSES)

PSLE Results Release 2014




Key Sharing by Principal

P1 2015 Orientation Slides 

2015 P2 P's Sharing

2015 P3 P's Sharing

2015 P4 P's Sharing

2015 P5 P's Sharing

2015 P6 P's Sharing



Key Sharing by School Personnel

(Will be uploaded within a week)


2015 P1 Day 1 Slides

2015 P2 PES on Subjects

2015 P3 PES on Subjects

2015 P4 PES on Subjects

2015 P5 PES on Subjects

2015 P6 PES on Subjects


2015 P1 CL Workshop

2015 P3 CL Workshop

2015 P5 CL Workshop

2015 P6 CL Workshop


P3 & P4 Maths Science Workshop for Parents



Other Information

Briefing on Swimsafer Programme

Information/Updates on Student Care Services

P1 Registration -School Information for Parents





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