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Annual P5 Camp 2014

Our History, Our Heritage

In the early fifties, the need for a school to provide education for the population of children .....(more)









Release of PSLE Results


We are proud of our P6 pupils for persevering in their efforts and doing their best for the PSLE.


We wish to thank the teachers and parents who have been guiding and supporting the children throughout their learning in the school and ensuring that they develop the right values and attitudes as positive learners.  


We also extend our gratitude to partners who have generously supported the learning of Mee Tohians in many ways.


Congratulations, Mee Tohians!

You have done the school proud! 


P1 Orientation

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your presence at the P1 2015 Orientation and for taking time to complete this survey.


Take the P1 2015 Orientation SURVEY here.



Dear Parents,


We thank you in advance for your participation and valuable feedback in the surveys. Please click on the link below to access the survey form. 


1 - Parents' Perception Survey 2014

2 - Parents' Survey 2014 (Safety & Administration Process)



Calling all Mee Tohians

 TAKE PART in the iZ Challenge!


Be an iZ Hero! Awards and prizes for winners when you top the missions! 



Dear Parents who are interested,

Please kindly note that the application for PV for children born in 2010 is now closed. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear Parents applying for P1 registration in 2014 (For 2015 admissions), 

Please click to read School Information for Parents.

Dear P6 Graduates from 2013,
The 2013 Yearbook is ready for collection. Please approach the front desk at the General Office to collect your order on Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Dear all,
Congratulations to our Aesthetic CCA groups for their attitude to excel and achievements in this year's Singapore Youth Festival Art Presentation.

Chinese Dance - Certificate of Distinction
Chinese Orchestra - Certificate of Distinction
Choir - Certificate of Accomplishment

Malay Dance - Certificate of Distinction

Modern Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment


Dear Pupils,

Please note the following morning assembly arrangement:



P1-P3 -- Assemble in ISH

P4-P6 -- Assemble in MPH


Tuesday to Friday

Assemble at Parade Square


Wet Weather:

P1-P3 -- Assemble in ISH

P4-P6 -- Assemble in MPH




Dear Parents,

The new PE shorts will be available in the school bookshop from 26 February 2014 onwards.

The operating hours for parents are:

11am – 1pm and 2pm to 4pm (Weekdays only)


Dear Parents,

Parents may purchase books and materials at the school bookshop from 3pm-5pm daily. There will be no entry into the school compound during recess and dismissal before 3p.m.. To ensure safety and security of the pupils.... more



Celebrating Excellence

in Teaching and Learning


MTS featured in NIE Publication - Sing Teach

Our teachers embarked on research to adopt the STARtUP tool, which stands for "START Understanding and Planning" to remind pupils not to rush into solving a problem without going through the steps of understanding and planning...more





Useful Information for Parents 

Key School Notifications

Latest School Newsletter

PSLE Results Release on 21 November 2014



Key Sharing by Principal

P1 2015 Orientation Slides 

2015 P1 Day 1 Slides

2015 P2 PES Slides

2015 P3 PES Slides

2015 P4 PES Slides

2015 P5 PES Slides

2015 P6 PES Slides



Key Sharing by School Personnel

2014 Briefing for P1 Parents (3 Jan)

2014 P2 PES on Subjects

2014 P3 PES on Subjects

2014 P4 PES on Subjects

2014 P5 PES on Subjects

2014 P6 PES on Subjects


Other Information

Briefing on Swimsafer Programme

Information/Updates on Student Care Services

P1 Registration -School Information for Parents







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For Parents

Every Parent, A Supportive Partner





For Pupils 

Every Student, An Engaged Learner


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For Staff 

 Every Teacher, A Caring Educator















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